Seed-to-Seed Farm School

Seed-to-Seed Farm School

About Us – Apprenticeship Programs and Curriculum

Seed to Seed is a farmer-run agricultural school. We aspire to be a regional hub for education in southern New England and beyond. We currently offer several courses both online and in person in the venues of real organic and regenerative agriculture, agroecology, botany, and farm business training.

Our goal is to provide paid apprenticeship programs for beginning farmers while providing a sturdy foundational curriculum to best prepare participants for a successful career in farming. Apprenticeships will be available in 2025.

Host Farm Participation

Building a network of participating host farms is key to our mission. If you are a farmer in southern New England who would like to register with S2S we are now registering farms. Find out the details and register here:

Host Farm Registration


Seed-to-Seed Courses

Seed to Seed Farm School is starting to build our course offerings in 2024. Several courses will be available this year and are open to the public for registration.

The S2S Farm School is currently offering a 5-class Build Your Farm business course for curious, beginning, and established farmers.

Other course information will be available soon.


The Mission of Seed to Seed Farm School is to support established farmers and raise up a new generation of beginning farmers. One primary focus is to recruit regional farms to be part of our network. This network will provide work and educational opportunities for S2S apprentices. S2S apprentices will work on multiple different farms during a single growing season while also taking part in an over-arching curriculum provided by the school.

S2S Farm School’s mission is to subsidize the expense of labor for participating farms by cost-sharing the employment of S2S apprentices. Our mission is also to pollinate our farming community with enthusiastic and intelligent workers, workers who can themselves start successful farming business with our support. Interested in participating? Reach out today.


If you are a student in one of our courses, please join the discussion forums!

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