Host Farm Information and Registration

Participating Farms: Share and Benefit

Seed to Seed Farm School wants as many farms as possible in our network so that we can guarantee as many excellent learning opportunities for our apprentices as possible.

We want you in our network so we can assign apprentices to your farm.

No farm is too big or too small to be part of the S2S network. If you are raising crops or livestock for market, wholesale, CSA, or for homesteading purposes we want you in our network. If you practice no-till, aggressive tillage, are certified organic or not we want you in our network.

Some things to understand before registering your farm…

Registering as a Host Farm with S2S will not guarantee you an apprentice. You will only need to register once to be in our network. Presenting apprentices to host farms for possible employment will be arranged by applicants and S2S Farm School. As a host farm you can decided to take on any presented apprentice or not. Read more about Seed to Seed Apprentices on our website.

If we find the right match for your farm then S2S apprentices will be working on your farm at your pay rate and on your hourly schedule. However they will not be working on your farm everyday. You will share an apprentice with two other host farms during the growing season. Apprentices will rotate between these three farms weekly, switching which days they work each week…

  • for instance: an apprentice may work on Holly Farm on Mondays and Tuesday, Maple Farm on Wednesday and Thursday, and then Juniper Farm on Friday. The following week they will work on Juniper Farm on Monday, Tuesday, Holly Farm on Wednesday and Thursday, and Maple Farm on Friday and so on over the course of the growing season. This provides S2S apprentices with a thorough exposure to several different farming systems over the course of a single growing season.

If you are a farm that provides wages (homesteading farms are also eligible to be host farms) then you will pay your apprentice their wages. On a monthly basis your farm will invoice S2S for at most half of wages paid to your apprentice. For example, if you pay $15 per hour for 20 hours of work S2S will reimburse you for 10 hours including taxes. However if you pay $20 per hour for 20 hours S2S may only be able to compensate for 5-6 hours depending on budget capacity.

S2S apprentices will be subject to your hiring and firing guidelines although S2S would prefer to be included in any mediation if there is a problem.

Host farm participation in yearly work-shops or research projects is encouraged but not required for enrollment.

S2S will have limited apprenticeships in 2025 but intends to expand the program in the future.